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The Spectacular Spectacular Trans Mission of Isley Reust

Isley Reust is a force of nature. While most everyone in Hollywood is a multi-hyphenate of some kind (writer/producer/model) with an off-resume day job, Isley is making waves on several fronts by thrusting her art and herself into the world.

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Review: Elephant Rifle – “Ivory”

This record begins with the uncontrolled wailing of guitar feedback and squalor, later joined by the gasps of a dying piano. And that’s a good place to start. Because, then, it kicks you in the goddamn teeth.

ALBUM REVIEW: Bill Mallonee, “Lands & Peoples”

I could write about the prolific nature of Athens, Georgia native, now New Mexico resident Bill Mallonee or his work with The Vigilantes Of Love or about how he has been one of the leading lights in the roots-rock/Americana movement.

Soul Serenade: B.B. King, ‘Worried Life”

All of the Kings of the blues guitar are gone now. We lost Freddie King back in 1976, and then Albert King in 1992. The most renowned member of this esteemed trio left us on May 14 when B.B. King died at his home in Las Vegas at the age of 89.

Review: Rachel Grimes – “The Clearing”

There is a whisper, a scattering of whispers, a whole orchestrated evening of whispers – a subdued kind of wonder and majesty to it all. But even though only her name appears on the product these days, she never walks these woods alone.

ALBUM REVIEW: Nic Nassuet, ‘Eleutherios’

With a background in punk, rock, and metal bands glimmering alongside a few pivotal roles in musicals like Sweeney Todd (in which he played the “demon barber”), Los Angeles-based artist Nic Nassuet has combined his mixed-bag of influences into Eleutherious, a nine-tra