2012 Outlook: Van Halen’s PR Company Is Sybil

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So VH is hitting the road! Maybe! Unless they deny it! Again!

So, today broke the big news of the David Lee Halen 2012 tour; or at least we think it did.

Hard to say anymore what the Van Halen camp is, or isn’t, or may be, or may not be doing. Let us recap 2011 in classic multiple-personality style: Late 2010 found rumors surfacing that the Mark Four version with David Lee Roth back behind the mic, and son Wolfgang now officially on bass was recording.

VH HQ promptly issued a denial.

Then denials about the denial came to light. A producer was named as the force behind new tracks.

VH HQ then stated there were no new tracks.

Then friends and acquaintances of the VH camp put their two cents in stating the new music was “amazing,” “amazingly amazing” and “like they’d never broken with DLR and also amazing.”

Denials abound.

Then it is announced that, yes, there are new recordings and longtime label Warner Bros. no longer calls Van Halen their own. Columbia is the new home.

Whoops, no. It’s not Columbia.

Okay, maybe Universal/Interscope? Is that more like it?

Sure, we’ll go with that…for now.

And now, we have an official announcement of a world tour featuring the songs you’ve known and loved for years, and several well-scattered excuses for beer and pee breaks. If this is the real deal, the tour kicks off February 7, 2012 and, if not, well we’re not surprised in the least.





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