Adventures in TV Land 2.21.06

Written by Television, The Three Strike Rule

For anyone who is not watching NBC’s “Friday Night Lights”, you are missing one of the best series on television. It’s not a show about doctors or lawmen. There is no supernatural element involved. You won’t hear a cheesy laugh track and there is nothing ironic about the show. It wear its heart on its sleeve in its portrayal of a small town in Texas in which football is the one thing in all of these peoples’ lives that gives them meaning. Except that it isn’t. Football is actual a minor part of this examination of the lives of the citizens in the Texas town. The people are poor or middle class. There aren’t any rich people. This isn’t Texas 90210. The characters are relatable and are not perfect. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a reflection or real life portrayed in a dramatic series like this one. And ultimately, it is a show about hope. Each and every person is looking for that light that will provide him or her with some salvation. And they all believe that light is out there. Please, if you are one of the infrequent readers of this blog, check out the show and give it a chance. You won’t be disappointed.