ALBUM REVIEW: Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, “Songs For The Turntable”

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Once again, the venerable Atlanta rockers deliver their fourth new e.p. release since 2012; Songs For The Turntable is a sonic blast that kicks the New Year off in top fashion.  It’s simple:  Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ delivers with consistency and melody.

“Turn” is a slower-paced number, but a great, strong way to start off this set.  Classic rock structure; melodic with a sing-song chorus and great sound (that’s the one outstanding thing about this e.p. – terrific production).  “Roll Away The Song” instantly recalls ’70’s Southern rock figures in its’ carrying riff and takes subtle pieces from Zeppelin; little wonder why this is “Songs From The Turntable” – beautifully reminiscent of another time.  “Love Is The World” is sweet; “Strangers” is built around a menacing and tight riff that builds a masterpiece – think a very pissed-off sounding Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.  “Jesus Christ” (not to be confused with the Big Star song) closes the e.p. with a heavy riff and a snarling vocal that works.

Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ have put out four great e.p.’s since last year  – and this latest installation may be the best one yet.