ALBUM REVIEW: Edward Rogers, “Kaye”

Written by Popdose


Five albums into his solo career and English-born, New York-bred Edward Rogers delivers a grand slam of a release with this offering, Kaye.  Dedicated to the late, great Kevin Ayers (of Soft Machine fame), aided and abetted with a laundry list of luminaries (James Mastro, Dennis Diken, Don Fleming, Sal Maida, etc.) and filled with intense, image-laden and melodic songs – this is as good as an album can get.

“My Street” opens the proceedings with a brooding, heavy textured background but so well executed in its structure; the vocals filled with yearning and emotion.  “After The Snow” reminds me of XTC at their best – poppy, eloquent, charming and memorable; “Street Fashion” has a wonderful Bryan Ferry-esqueness about it.  “Kaye” is a gentle, lilting number wrapped in a sweet guitar figure; “What Happened To The News Today” is a piece of perfect pop, complete with 12-string Rickenbacker-sounding intro and riff and “Peter Pan’s Dream” is eerily psychedelic-based.

It isn’t often that a musician can bring a “complete” work to realization – Edward Rogers has unquestionably done so with Kaye.  A must.