ALBUM REVIEW: Ezra Furman, “The Year Of No Returning”

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This Chicago native makes his solo debut on Bar/None with The Year Of No Returning; a fine effort that immediately made me smile.  This is a darkly funny album, intended or not.  The lyrics are wry and biting and the structure of the songs tend to offset the themes to successful effect.  If I may make a comparison, Furman delivers these songs as a cross between a pissed-off Freedy Johnston or a charmingly funny Alex Chilton.  But make no mistake – the bile is there; it’s just masked in melody.  “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” opens the album with an angry, strident strumming acoustic guitar and subtle sleigh bells for percussion; “American Soul” has some of the best, twistedly humorous lyrics I’ve heard in a while (“I’m a Jew through and through and now I’m about to write you a bible…”).  “Sinking Slow” is a disconnected but effectively lush ballad with piano and strings that suddenly snaps into a Beach Boys-like refrain; “That’s When It Hit Me”, the album’s standout made me think of a bluesier Replacements and “Cruel, Cruel World” is downbeat but neat acoustic pop.

If you’re going through a break-up, this is the perfect soundtrack.  Full marks to Ezra Furman for this.