ALBUM REVIEW: Glenn Tilbrook, “Happy Ending”

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I said that if the “taster” single, “Everybody Sometimes” was an indication of how this album would go, then Glenn Tilbrook’s Happy Ending was bound to be as much of a joy to listen to as any of his best work with the beloved Squeeze.  And I was right.  And the greater beauty of this record is its low-voltage vibe – acoustic guitars rule the day.

Let’s dive right in – “Persephone” immediately strikes me as a loving nod to Andy Partridge/XTC; a gorgeous acoustic-based riff laced with strings and a (by now standard impassioned) Tilbrook vocal; “Mud Island” is a weird, kazoo and bongo propelled number that’s strangely hypnotic and charming.  “Everybody Sometimes” is an “I can hear this on the radio” instant pop classic; “Hello There” shimmers with tight, clean harmonies and a warm tune.  “Kev And Dave” is a light-hearted duet that (I’m presuming) is Glenn with Dennis Greaves of Nine Below Zero/The Truth (there’s a name we haven’t heard in years); “Fruit Cake” is a waltz-like trip down memory lane of a relationship gone awry (think “Up The Junction” or “Vicky Verky”).

It’s Glenn Tilbrook – nowhere does he go wrong on this album.  How can he?  With that voice, the guitar skill and his songwriting credentials, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything to criticize.  With Squeeze or on his own, Glenn Tilbrook is still truly one of the greats.