This long-planned debut album from Identical Suns is one of those happy results of a strong Indiegogo campaign; combining the talents of Rene Rodriguez and Todd Stanton, this California and Ohio based aggregate makes a very pleasing power pop sound that has shades of The Beatles, The Raspberries and all the best elements of how to write hooky/catchy songs.

Starting with “Baby I’m Down”, it’s uptempo feel makes you pay attention from the first beats; the economical guitar solo hits the mark and the harmonies and handclaps on the chorus makes it instantly classic, so you know you’re in for a good listen.  “Nothing I Can Do” is awash in acoustic guitars and a highly melodic and prominent bass line and is an early high mark; “Show Me A Sign” opens with a classic Fender Rhodes piano figure and sounds like it would have fit in on the AM radio of my youth in the ’70’s and “Emily” is a surprise in that it just comes in kicking hard, with a grinding guitar and riff, switching to a funky, tight tempo.  “The Turn” walks right out of the mid-to-late ’60’s school of quality ballad writing – an interesting progression and great arrangement with its reverbed guitar, leading into the 7ths-oriented chorus – certainly the album’s centerpiece while “Unraveled” is another nifty rocker that motors at 100 m.p.h.

All in all, a truly dynamic debut album by some very fine, well-schooled musicians who have a sense of diversity but doesn’t spread themselves all over the musical map.  A tip of the hat to Identical Suns – they have the goods and this album is proof.


Identical Suns is available now