This debut album from acoustic-based, singer-songwriter Johnny Lewis has yet to hit the streets, but when it does, I hope people will sit up and take notice.  Hailing from Minneapolis, Johnny Lewis had spent his earlier days in music working in the electronic forum.  But his love of acoustic music made him sit down, write songs and move to New York to begin his solo career.  He’s made the right choices.  This album comes along at a perfect time of the year – warm, yet soothing; rich and lush, yet moving through time and with just-right production.

From the moment “Ancient No Name” comes in with its slide guitar runs, I’m hooked.  The vocals, melody – in a lot of ways, it has a great, ’70’s-styled country rock feel and that’s more than fine.  Great vocals, great melody.  The laid-back feeling carries into “Familiar Chime”; catchy, ringing acoustic guitars and sweet harmonies on the chorus make this a standout.  “Back To Lakes” is another (quietly) pedal-steel driven number; slower and thoughtful with multi-layered vocals; “Reckless Paradise” incorporates a soulful organ working in perfect tandem with the delicious acoustic guitar strums that gently punch their way through the track which picks up on the chorus.

You don’t get debut albums as solid as this one.  Make sure you actively seek out Johnny Lewis’ debut.


Johnny Lewis will be released on September 23rd, 2014