Album Review: Motobunny, “Motobunny”

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A new band hailing from Phoenix and Los Angeles, but carrying the sound and the swagger that made the Motor City famous – that well known “garage”/dirty sound personified by The Stooges, MC5, etc.  And even though this sound has become almost too-overused in the last few years, this band adds a poppy-ness, catchiness and great production.

Just from the opening track, “The Other Side”, it’s instantly stick-in-your-head, anthemic and has tight vocal harmonies; singers Christa Collins and Nicole Laurenne have great voices that blend perfectly together.  “Shake Me” has a balls-out rock feel that’s more in line with a heavier Black Crowes, with some cool and dirty sounding guitar work (and those harmonies shimmer); “Let’s Go Out” builds and has “radio friendly” written all over it with its swirling synth riff on the chorus and “Apocalypse Twist” is a hundred-mile-an-hour cyclone that smokes.  “You’re Killing Me” is another breakneck riff-fest with thunderous bass and “I Warned You” closes this collection with clever time changes and structural shifts – from quiet to building to reaching a crescendo to coming back down.

A hell of a debut.  And hopefully the beginning of something very good and with longevity.  Motobunny – an easy name with songs not to forget.


Motobunny is available now