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Old Man Canyon is really the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter Jett Pace; this is the Vancouver-based outfit’s second release and debut full-length album and on first listen, I’m immediately brought back to those days in the very early ’80’s, when I would listen to the local college radio station and those eerily-attractive keyboards would draw you in to certain tracks and artists.  A vintage sound that’s been improved upon with modern production so that it walks a better balance.

Thus, “Learn To Forget” opens the album with a good amount of melody and texture that grabs me; The heavily flanged guitar on “Tomorrow Man” is a very nice touch and there’s a great deal of Lennon-esque phrasing in the vocals, but again, adding those ’80’s synth flourishes give the atmosphere on the track a lot more meat and “In My Head” makes me think of Simple Minds during their Sparkle In The Rain period.  “Back To The Start” is easily radio-friendly and could be singled out – very poppy and catchy; “I Don’t Wanna Go Out” is a bit slower, but lush and warm and “Sugar City” is the album’s closing magnum opus – slow, but dramatic and dynamic.

Delirium is a fine and strong first full length album for this band.  And more importantly, it’s an a piece that will stay with you – it makes that kind of impression.


Delirium will be released Friday, January 15, 2016