ALBUM REVIEW: Rachel Taylor Brown, “Falimy”

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Falimy, the 9th album from Portland, Oregon’s Rachel Taylor Brown is awash in melody, almost a study in classic mid-’60’s songwriting:  structural shifts, key changes, orchestration and most of all, skilled lyrics.  From the first drop of the needle (or the laser, if you’re so inclined), you automatically find yourself on a psychological ride filled with humor, wryness and at times, disappointment with the human condition (“…trying to get to Buddha, there’s a woman in the way…”).

The first two tracks, “We’ll Have A” and “Mt. Athos” are back to back winners; “We’ll…” for it’s construction and “Mt. Athos” for its lyrics and ballsy-ness.  “Me Hurting You” reminds me of a humorous Tori Amos track; “Litany Of The Family” is an acapella takeoff on a Gregorian chant and “Family” has a Beach Boys-type of feel, albeit in a very-stripped down fashion.

All in all, a solid album – I’m curious to now work my way back through her catalog.