Sarah Jean

This album actually came out in 2006, but as it is an undiscovered gem, I wanted to give it exposure.  I was hipped to this album by the lovely Deirdre Gilmartin, host of “The Independent Stage”, a fantastic program on WDVR radio from Sergeantsville, New Jersey.  This show gives a spotlight to truly independent (and local) music; this album is a knockout on all levels.  Bluesy and rootsy; tight and lush with a clean, crisp, million dollar production by drummer Tom Corea.  Sarah Bolger’s vocals are sultry, seductive and genuinely gripping.

From the get-go, this album draws you in with ease.  “You Darlin'” takes you and holds you; “Better Alone”, with its harmonies, organ backdrop and delicious acoustic guitar is a standout.  “Long Strides” has a classic country feel; “Nothing’s New” goes in an altogether different direction – a power pop number with multi-layered harmonies that stays with you.  “Drift On” is a lazy, laid-back ’70’s vibed number which is a perfect summer song.

These twelve songs have something special about them – a consistency that I appreciate.  You will, too.  Seek this album out!

Group photo courtesy of Tom Correa