Album Review: Snowball 37, “Declasse”

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This Jersey Shore trio of power-popsters are another find, courtesy of Deirdre Gilmartin’s The Independent Stage radio program and quite a find they are.  It may be inappropriate to say “classic power pop”, but damn it, they have it and they have it right.  Starting with “Long Dead and Gone”, with its sax fills carrying into tight guitar, bass and drums, you can’t help but automatically appreciate them.  The lyrical bite of “The All Star Generation” isn’t to be overlooked, even though it’s neatly wrapped in an upbeat melody; “Baby, You’re A Star” has a retro-glam feel (think T. Rex-ish) and “From The Ebb” has a warmth that reminds me of a Frosting On The Beater-styled outtake, with its slow start and building into a heavier punch.  David Fagan is quite the well-schooled songwriter.

If there’s one thing I would love to hear from Snowball 37 on their next release is a bigger production; this is a band that has all the right markings for explosive drums, a deeper bass and even crisper sounding guitars.  This is a solid debut effort and this band – at least to me – is heading in the right direction.