ALBUM REVIEW: THE BELLFURIES, “Workingman’s Bellfuries”

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Passionate, rootsy rock & roll come right out at you immediately from Austin’s The Bellfuries.  This band, who’s been around for a while, have upped their game with this latest album, the cleverly titled Workingman’s Bellfuries.  A mix of that classic Texas twang, the Sun sound and rhythms that swing has to be good, right?  Right.  Let’s make that clear now.  Simply mix a little Elvis, Marty Robbins, Roy Orbison and a smattering of Buck Owens, Big Sandy and Los Lobos for good measure and that pretty much personifies The Bellfuries’ sound.  Add to that a production quality that brings you right into the late ’50’s/early ’60’s, which sounds natural and pure and it’s a “can’t miss”.  Dig?

About the songs, it’s simple:  “Loving Arms” kicks off the album with a good old-fashioned swing that you, indeed, can’t resist tapping your toes to; “Bad Seed Sown” sounds like something Elvis would have recorded and “Why Do You Haunt Me?” is my favorite and the album’s standout with its Tex-Mex feel.  “Make The Mystery No More” starts with a strident drum, reminiscent of Phil and Don’s “Cathy’s Clown” with a great reverb guitar body; “Letter To My Baby Maybe” has a wonderfully crisp tempo and a joyride riff and “Beaumont Blues” chugs along with a classic melody and some tight harmonies.

An album I’d love to be driving down an open road listening to – as cliched as that may sound, it’s a great way to gauge an album’s pleasure factor.  And this one has it in spades.  So keep an eye out for The Bellfuries.  They’ve got it – and they’re bringing it all back.


Workingman’s Bellfuries will be released Friday, August 21st, 2015