Tasty riffs – good production and catchy songs put this band on my radar now. Starting off with “Here I Go”, this album is chock full of class-A/classic American power-pop of the best kind (think late ’70’s/early ’80’s). Lead singer/guitarist Pat DiPuccio has a good voice; the harmonies are tight and for a 3-piece, they sound full and crisp. “My Slice Of Life” is the embodiment of the sound I described in my last sentence; “Queer Fascination” reminds me a lot of my own outfit, The Punch Line (!). I can even hear shades of The Jam in some of the structures and guitar sounds, especially in “Seraphina Why”. “Angry Little Man” is the album’s standout with its minor chords and Rickenbacker-sounding embellishments. “Full Blown Love Attack” screams The Bongos at me (!) without the sweetness – imagine a pissed-off version of “Barbarella”… This L.A. band has been around for a while, but one hopes that with this release, they will shine brighter on the map.