Album Review: The Rain Parade, “Live In San Francisco”

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Rain Parade

Hearing that The Rain Parade had reunited towards the end of 2012 filled me with no end of joy.  Sure, it’s been 30 years since I first bought Emergency Third Rail Power Trip, but this band had such a profound impact in my musical landscape that I would surely love anything they would do.  And their first offering in 25 years is a live album, Live In San Francisco.  Recorded at Cafe du Nord during their late 2012 reunion tour, it sounds like no time had passed – this is a great, warm and tight performance.  If you know The Rain Parade’s history and output, you will love the delivery on “One Hour 1/2 Ago”; the powerhouse reading of my (personal) favorite “This Can’t Be Today” (the album’s standout), the crowd pleaser “What She’s Done To Your Mind”  and so on.  As the leaders of the so-called “Paisley Underground” in the early ’80’s, I say YES, more Rain Parade – PLEASE.  Highly recommended.