Announcement: Time to Pray

It is coming

Wednesdays to Popdose

It cannot be stopped

You will cry out

Like, Omigod!

But your God


cannot help you now

With apologies to Patrick Nagel.

And, soon, possibly, to the readership of Popdose.

Beginning Wednesday, February 13.

You have been warned.

  • Mordalo

    By the pricking of my thumbs, something 80’s this way comes?

  • Dave Popino

    Get out your parachute pants!

  • Michael Rachap

    Oh great. Giles and Lifton deride each other’s moms using Duran Duran and Flock of Seagulls lyrics.

  • Michael Rachap

    And yeah, I know, “I was deriding YOUR mom last night, Rachap!”

  • jefito

    You’re so close! And yet you ran so far away.

  • mstgator

    Track-by-track through Rhino’s ’80s box set would be all kinds of awesome… if it’s not that, it will still be all kinds of awesome.