Author: Chris Holmes

Just Jesse Belvin

Before We Was Fab: Jesse Belvin, “Guess Who”

When singer/songwriter Jesse Belvin died in a car accident on February 6, 1960, he became the first artist of the rock ‘n’ roll era to join the as-yet-unnamed 27 Club. And while some members of that most gruesome assembly are more notable for the age at which they died than for the work they left behind, Belvin’s music is worth remembering. Even if you think you’ve never heard a Jesse Belvin song, you actually have. In 1954 a song co-written by Belvin, “Earth Angel,” was recorded by the Penguins and reached #8 on the Billboard singles chart. It stands as one of the greatest songs of the decade, and although Belvin had no small amount of subsequent R&B success over the next few years — 1956’s “Goodnight My Love” hit #7 on the R&B chart — he struck out for a new record label and a new sound in 1959. Guided by his wife and manager Jo Anne, Belvin found a home on the RCA Victor imprint and attempted re-cast himself in the mold of …

David Brewis

New Music: School of Language, “Between the Suburbs”

When when of my favorite new bands, Field Music, went on their first hiatus in mid-2008, David and Peter Brewis made it clear that they were far from done making music. They emphatically proved that point in 2008, when each of the brothers released a fantastic solo project that sounded liberated from the cage of being an “indie band” — David’s School of Language and Peter’s The Week That Was. Field Music has quieted down once again, but no need for fans to stress — the brothers are just as busy as ever. David is now set to release the second album under the School of Language name, Old Fears, on April 7. Fans can now listen to and download the first single from the record, “Between the Suburbs.” It features an insistent drum beat and a decidedly fat, old-school synth line percolating throughout the entire three minutes. Think of a more cheerful, stripped down Japan song if you will. Old Fears will be released via Memphis Industries on April 7. You can order the …

Cheers cast photo

The Show Must Go On: 10 TV Series That Dealt With Death

When Fox’s Glee returns to the air for its fifth season tomorrow, it will do so with the weight of tragedy behind it. Cast member Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, died of a drug overdose in July. A tribute episode is planned for October 10 — “The Quarterback” — in which Finn will die and be written out of the show. It certainly won’t be the first time a TV series has had to deal with the loss of a major cast member, and will definitely not be the last. Here are ten other television series that also had to make the tough decision to carry on under similar circumstances. Cheers With filming of Cheers’ third season nearly complete, Nicholas Colasanto (“Coach” Ernie Pantusso) died of a heart attack in February at age 61. Colasanto had suffered from heart disease for years and was in fact planning to retire from acting before being offered the role of Coach. In the first episode of season four, Sam Malone reveals that Coach has died. He was …