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The Popdose Interview: Kristin Hersh of Throwing Muses

In the last few minutes of the commentary track for their new album Purgatory/Paradise, Throwing Muses singer/guitarist Kristin Hersh and...

Music, Popdose Interviews

Making Light: Talking to Tanya Donelly About Her “Swan Song Series”

In the chorus to her new song “Making Light,” Tanya Donelly references a lesser-known but fan-beloved Belly B-side called...


Ode to a Great Song Maker: In Praise of the Juliana Hatfield Three’s “Become What You Are”

Twenty summers ago Juliana Hatfield gave us her second solo album, a dozen grungy pop songs spouting her love for dead birds, deadbeat...

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Album Review: Lightning Dust, “Fantasy”

Lightning Dust is the side project of Black Mountain’s Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, an outlet for the Vancouver duo’s softer,...