Author: Janson Jinnistan

He minds his own damn business.

Film, Television

The Crisis of Criticism and Film Culture

It probably isn’t much of a shock that Americans, especially students, have declined in their critical thinking skills over the last...


Bob Dylan: Another Self Portrait Vs. The Basement Box

Bob Dylan has long been a dusty bitch, and, indeed, it’s one of his more enduring qualities. So it’s not out of character that...


Kaiju and Kikaiju: The Strange Beasts of Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro’s long awaited sci/fi epic, Pacific Rim, is soon upon us, and to prepare, we should take a look at the...


Pryor Restraint: Logic Omitted

It’s probably not the word the right word to call Richard Pryor an “underdog”, is it? One of the most financially...


Take To The Sea! In Defense of Arrested Development Season Four

Dammit, TV critics, this is why we can't have nice things....