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Jesus of Cool: The Misfit Empowerment Project

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” exemplifies the shift among pop’s reigning divas — from P!nk to Katy to Ke$ha — away from self-aggrandizement and toward messages of self-help aimed directly at their audiences. Jon Cummings explores the new pop paradigm.

Film Review: “Nowhere Boy”

John Lennon’s traumatic teens, and the birth of the Beatles, get the little-British-art-film treatment. But can it work both as cinema and as Beatleography?

Political Culture: Americans, Running Hot N Cold

Katy Perry’s aborted Sesame Street appearance launched a short-lived kerfuffle, but offers a neat allegory for explaining the idiocy of the current political climate. Jon Cummings considers the merits of Katy’s cleavage and other assorted boobs.