bootleg city: jason falkner, “rarities”

Written by Music

Another week, another stack of bootleggy tunes from Joe of our friends at 125 Records!

This week, we’ve got some Jason Falkner on tap, and though I’m sure some of you will dispute the term “rare” being used to describe a few of these songs, hey, I didn’t put the compilation together, and neither did Joe. Besides, there’s plenty of good stuff here, right? Right.

Download! Enjoy! Meet me back here next week for some rare Matthew Sweet!

Baby’s Coming Back
The King is Half Undressed
Todd Rundgren interviews Jason
Very Best Years
Rundgren interview
I Live
Miracle Medicine
The Hard Way
Kidz Without Curfew
They’re Coming to See Us
Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
A Song From Under The Floorboards
Both Sides Now
In Awe of Industry
Tomorrow Will Be Too Long
Down At The Lake