bootleg city: john hiatt, “the other side”

Written by Music

Good morning, friends, and welcome back to Bootleg City!

Today’s visit takes us to The Other Side, a collection of live and unreleased tracks from a Mister John Hiatt. I know, I know — we just did Little Village a couple of months ago, and besides, John Hiatt’s leftovers sometimes deserve to be left over. But there’s some good stuff in here. Trust me.

Next week, more live Boss, again courtesy of Malchus the Great. ‘Til then, amigos!

Little Goodnight
The Other Side
Memphis in the Meantime (live)
Tennessee Plates (live)
Long Gone
The Trouble With Blood
Over in My Mind
Real Fine Love (live)
Walk On (acoustic)
Georgia Rae (acoustic)
The River Knows Your Name (acoustic)
Have a Little Faith in Me (acoustic)
Johnny 99
Little Head (live)
Spy Boy
Thank You Girl (live)