bootleg city: the posies, “the last show (san francisco, 9/19/98)”

Written by Music

Another Friday, another visit to Bootleg City — and, in this case, another debt of gratitude to Joe at Illicit Noise, because he’s the one who gave us this fine bit of bootleggy goodness.

Posies. San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill, 9/19/1998. Farewell show. Yes, they came back, but at the time, everybody thought this was goodbye. I’ve had some Posies requests in the past, so it’s nice to be able to finally fill them. Enjoy!

Love Letter Boxes
Please Return It
Somehow Everything
Any Other Way
You’re the Beautiful One
Suddenly Mary
Dream All Day
Precious Moments
Hate Song
Flavor of the Month
Solar Sister
Grant Hart
Daily Mutilation
Flood of Sunshine