Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s — 2008 Recap

Today marks the final post of 2008 for Bottom Feeders. So instead of starting the letter G and then going on break, let’s take a look back at the first 33 weeks of the series, with what I believe are the ten best, the ten worst, and the ten rarest songs in the series up to this point.

The Best
10. Jimmy Buffett, “It’s My Job” (download)
9. Bee Gees, “You Win Again” (download)
8. Crosby, Stills & Nash, “War Games” (download)
7. The Time, “The Oak Tree” (download)
6. The Cult, “Fire Woman” (download)
5. Dragon, “Rain” (download)
4. Devo, “Theme From Doctor Detroit(download)
3. Jon Astley, “Jane’s Getting Serious” (download)
2. Joan Armatrading, “Drop the Pilot” (download)
1. The Cure, “Lullaby” (download)

I’ve listened to every song I own in my collection — every track to hit the Hot 100, thousands of tracks on the R&B and dance charts, and album after album, but listening to all of these songs pretty thoroughly while writing them up for Bottom Feeders has opened my ears to some tunes I didn’t realize were so good. Two of those are “You Win Again” by the Bee Gees, which I couldn’t stop listening to weeks after I posted it, and “War Games” by Crosby, Stills & Nash, which I listened to repeatedly only after reading your comments on it.

The Worst
10. Bulletboys, “For the Love of Money” (download)
9. Joyce Cobb, “Dig the Gold” (download)
8. Firefall, “Always” (download)
7. David Foster and Olivia Newton-John, “The Best of Me” (download)
6. Andy Fraser, “Do You Love Me” (download)
5. John Denver & Placido Domingo, “Perhaps Love” (download)
4. All Sports Band, “I’m Your Superman” (download)
3. Boys Band, “Please Don’t Stop Me Baby (I’m on Fire)” (download)
2. Far Corporation, “Stairway to Heaven” (download)
1. Toni Basil, “Shoppin’ From A to Z” (download)

I made a list of my 80 least favorite songs of the ’80s a few years ago, but the Far Corporation’s cover of “Stairway to Heaven” somehow didn’t make the cut. I’m not sure how I missed that giant turd, but I’m glad to include it here and will now need to readjust my list. Over the past few months, as I was writing up each week’s post, I thought the letter F was going to treat us pretty nice. But there are four “F” artists on my “bottom of the Bottom Feeders” list, including two from last week’s entry alone.

The Rarest
10. Arlan Day, “I Surrender” (download)
9. Al Corley, “Square Rooms” (download)
8. Dillman Band, “Lovin’ the Night Away” (download)
7. Big Ric, “Takeaway” (download)
6. Jay Black, “The Part of Me That Needs You Most” (download)
5. Conductor, “Voice on the Radio” (download)
4. Deliverance, “Leaving L.A.” (download)
3. Joe Chemay Band, “Proud” (download)
2. Double Image, “Night Pulse” (download)
1. Cugini, “Let Me Sleep Alone” (download)

These are the songs that make collecting so much fun. Finding all of these was a chore, and it took years of searching to find that Cugini 45. “Takeaway” by Big Ric was another tough one, but since the time I purchased it (probably in 2006), I’ve seen at least four or five more cheap copies around.

That’s it for 2008, folks. A big thanks to all of you for reading and commenting. I’ll see you again in January when we start back up with the letter G and much more from the ass end of the ’80s.

  • bama

    Thank you for all your hard work on this project. It's one of my favorite things on the web, and I always look forward to reading your posts. Have a happy holiday season through the new year, and I'll wait with baited breath for “G.”

  • David_E

    Man, I have to go back and find your 'C' entries, I guess, to answer the burning question (unless you want to do it here, for me): Is the lead singer of Cugini … Kevin DuBrow from Quiet Riot?

    Because you know what? It is. Even if it isn't.

  • billy budapest

    Wow – that Andy Fraser track is REALLY regrettable – especially for such a talented musician and writer!

  • Jerry

    You just made Toni Basil's day. Finally, Shoppin' From A to Z hits #1!

  • steed

    No problem. I love doing it. Have great Holidays and be prepared for 47 or so weeks of this next year as well!

  • steed

    Haha! Maybe someone needs to ask him if he used to be known as Don Cugini.

    Actually, listen to it again and think Sebastian Bach this time.

  • Ted

    I HATED the Bee Gees in the '80s, and would routinely make fun of them any chance I got (many times on radio when I was doing a weekend air shift at local station). When they released “You Win Again,” I was convinced it wouldn't chart. But it did, and I had to play song and temper my anti-Bee Gees rants.

    Anyway, I just gave the song another spin, and, um, I really don't know where all my Bee Gees dislike came from.

  • Eric S.

    You certainly deserve the holidays off, but how about a guest Mellowmass appearance? You could cover those should've been Christmas hits from the 80's. I'll even start you off with one. I Got Your Number.mp3
    (yes, that's really Tommy Tutone)

  • Eric S.

    Sorry, I'll have to fix the link

  • Eric S.
  • steed

    Now, is the first occasion where I wish I would have expanded my collection to include the Christmas charts. I've been debating it for years and hell, there couldn't be that many songs to get but I've never moved to that. I went to the country charts instead, saw that I needed every C&W song ever made and stopped my quest right there.

  • Farrakhan Faucet

    Bottom Feeders is hands-down my favorite thing on the Web – and a reason to cherish every Wednesday. Thanks for all the great tunes and really putting the good, bad & ugly of the 80's into perspective. Can't wait for 2009!

  • deltablues2

    FYI: David Foster & Olivia Newton-John are in fact the same person.

    And this marks the second time that I've had to defend Toni Basil's Shoppin' From A-Z as a neat little novelty song.

    You shall all bow down to the power of Toni Basil !

  • steed

    Ha. Well, it's hopefully the last time you have to defend her as I don't expect her name to come up again – unless of course there's some duet with Corey Hart that I'm forgetting about.

  • jefito

    Mmmm. Smells like Mellowmas!

  • JonCummings

    “You Win Again” is a glorious, glorious thing. I was absolutely obsessed with it when it came out, and shattered when it didn't match its worldwide success here.

  • games

    This article I so true, keep on writing like this, enjoyment to read :) 433

  • AJH

    Do you have any other songs from the EP? (Conductor) “Buried Alive”, “Night After Night”…

  • cugini

    Yes, I am Don Cugini and that record was one of my wierdest and weakest. The record company was looking for Do Ya Think I,m Sexy…. Rod Stewart thing. Don

  • Steed

    Don Cugini! Awesome. Thanks for commenting Don. Now that you say “Do You Think I'm Sexy” – yeah, I get that. “One of my…” says that you have more. Is there any place I can purchase some of your music?

  • danieljcassidy

    I remember when you were in Leif Garret's band. How's Marty?
    - Dan Cassidy

  • Donald

    sherlinmerlock Steed. Some is actually quite good. Thanks, Don

  • Donald

    You have a good memory Dan! Do you mean my brother Martin? Don

  • danieljcassidy

    Yes. I lived on Teesdale Street and was a childhood friend of his. – Dan

  • danieljcassidy


    You can email me at danc66 about Marty.

    - Dan

  • danieljcassidy


    You can email me at danc66 about Marty.

    - Dan

  • danieljcassidy


    You can email me at danc66 about Marty.

    - Dan

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  • Jjneighbour

    Throw a bit of Noddy Holder in there…That's who we thought it was back then!