Section 4: Bubbling Under

Artifacts bubbled under at #121 with “The Ultimate”

Assorted Phlavors peaked at #119 in 1997 with “Make Up Your Mind”

Sherrie Austin hit #104 on the bubbling under chart in 1998 with “Put Your Heart Into It”

Awesome 3 hit #105 in 1993 with “Don’t Go!”

AZ bubbled under twice with “Gimme Yours” and “Hey AZ”

Babyface’s duet with Lisa Stansfield called “Dream Away” hit #109 back in 1994. It was featured in a movie called The Pagemaster.

Bad Boys Blue hit #104 in 1993 with “I Totally Miss You.”

Bad Yard Club bubbled under twice. In 1996 they went to #102 with “In De Ghetto” and reissued it a year later to lesser chart success as it then reached #115.

Bahamadia’s “Uknowhowwedu” hit #105 and “I Confess” #109 both in 1996. The B-Side of the former was called “True Honey Buns (Dat Freak Shit)” – now those be some titles.