Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’90s, Vol. 61

Written by Bottom Feeders, Music

We get formal this week with the Mr. and Missus comin’ round.

Section 2: The Top 40

Robert Miles hit #21 with “Children”

Milestone hit #23 with “I Care ‘Bout You”

Milli Vanilli hit #4 with “All Or Nothing”

Mint Condition hit the top 40 with “Breakin’ My Heart” “U Send Me Swingin’” “What Kind of Man Would I Be” “You Don’t Have To Hurt No More” and “If You Love Me”

Mr. Big hit #1 with “To Be With You” and the top 40 with “Just Take My Heart” and “Wild World”

Mr. President hit #21 with “Coco Jamboo”

Mokenstef hit #7 with “He’s Mine”

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