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Low-voltage, traditional instruments and a very rootsy feel would be a good quick primer when trying to describe the sound of Binghampton, New York’s Driftwood, who are about to unleash their fifth album (fourth studio release), City Lights.  Their sound, it has to be said, is not something you’d equate with northern New York, but really, it’s irrelevant.  The music on this new album is a healthy mix of traditional folk, country/bluegrass, some Celtic undertones and shades of pop.  All in all, a very sweet combination.   And you have to hand it to a band that doesn’t have a drummer – guitar, banjo, standup bass and violin is their The title track is that melding of all the influences, with a good-natured, wry lyric and instant radio-friendliness; “Fishbowl” is a down home barn dancer, filled with fiddle runs and subtle but very effective background vocals and harmonies; “Talkin’” is a joyful piece sung by violinist Claire Byrne, catchy and lively and “Lemonade” is a wild ride tribute to (of all things)…  lemonade, going from the …


Iggy Pop’s Incredible 2016 Continues With An All Media Hat Trick

Who’d a thought that 48 years after the release of ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’,  2016 would become Iggy Pop’s biggest year yet. That year is about to get a whole lot bigger with the release of a 3-disc live set, a new memoir and the Jim Jarmusch-directed doc, Gimme Danger, that arrives in theaters this week. Welcome to Episode 2 of my new POPDOSE series: INJUSTICE LEAGUE Injustice: Iggy Pop helped invent punk rock while everyone but him seemed to cash in.  Justice Served: With a hit album, a sold-out tour, a 3-disc live set, a documentary, a book, guest appearances, speaking tours and soundtrack contributions — everything’s coming up Iggy in 2016.   Remember a few years back when a cruise line licensed Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust for Life’ for a TV campaign clearly without listening to the lyrics? I felt the hipster cries of “sellout” were absolute bullshit. Everyone from Green Day to 5 Seconds of Summer have co-opted punk and sold it to the masses. Meanwhile, few of those punk purists probably bought albums from the “Godfather …



Milwaukee-based trio Dead Horses have just unleashed their latest album, their third, Cartoon Moon and this is a magnificent mixture of Americana, traditional and country-based songs that exude warmth, thought, spiritual uplifting and skilled playing and vocal arrangements.  Ken Coomer’s production is stellar, giving a clarity and crispness to the band’s sound and only enhances the quality of the songs/performances. Vocalist Sarah Vos keeps her voice reigned in when necessary and lets loose with ease where the song calls for passion; beginning with “Golden Sky”, the tempo along with the emotion conveyed in the vocals is one of joy; the sound of acoustic guitar, stand-up bass, mandolin and brushed drum pattern is just right – a perfect table setter.  “Red Pony” is slower, but still has that “join in” quality, driven by some great background harmonies and Peter Raboin’s mandolin figures; “All I Really Need To Know” is painted with deft touches of acoustic guitars, cello and is as close to “poppy” as you can hope and “Brothers” is in the more traditional country vein, …

POPDOSE PREMIERE: The New Single From Scott Taylor, “Tennessee”

I’ve heard it more times than I care to remember: where are the real blues these days? It seems like the only people still churning out the nitty-gritty, gut-wrenching, praise-the-Lord blues tunes are on their last leg or exist only on record. Blue-eyed soul doesn’t seem to cut it. What are we to go? Enter Scott Taylor, who’s reviving everything we love about the genre. Based in Washington, DC, Taylor inspires heartfelt yearning with his interpretation of soul-flavored blues, while still finding time to perform at church on Sunday. Steeped in tradition, his music is the kind that stands the test of time because its blues roots yield infusions of funk and psychedelia too, creating a mix that’s irresistible. Now, in its Popdose premiere, check out Scott Taylor’s “Tennessee,” a track that will assure you that the blues are alive and well.


Return of the All-Night, All-Fright Halloween Mixtape Party Pack!

Greetings, children of the night! As your Halloween party draws nigh, our senses-shattering mixtape series is resurrected to wreak havoc on your unsuspecting ears — all ten audio collages from this now-classic post, plus a brand-new mixtape for 2016, all lovingly assembled by the monstrous mitts of Jack Fear and offered here to stream or download. It’s our treat for you — though it’s only fair to warn you; there’s a trick or two hidden among these thirteen hours of listening… but, like a razor blade in an apple, we’ll leave those for you to find… Halloween Mix 01 (Scary Monsters and Super Creeps) (1:07:52) Desolation Theme – Ken Nordine with Wayne Horvitz and Bill Frisell Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo Zombie Jamboree – Harry Belafonte Halloween (main theme) – John Carpenter (Halloween OST) Season of the Witch – Richard Thompson [film trailer: The Return of Count Yorga] Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) – Concrete Blonde Brimstone and Treacle – Sting Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) – David Bowie I Walk On Gilded Splinters – …


World Premiere Video: ‘White Doves’ by Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons

When we last checked in with Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons, the Columbus, Ohio rockers were just about to drop their new album, Homemade Vision. The romantic, rootsy, rocking, and rollicking record remains one of my most-played and beloved albums of 2016 as we head into this home stretch. If you’ve yet to experience the beauty of this band, here’s your shot; POPDOSE proudly presents the world premiere of their new video, ‘White Doves’, which doubles as the unofficial title track of the album — you’ll hear it in the lyrics. In the clip, Angela gets baptized, rolls Straight Outta Gilligan’s Island, goes on a Nevermind-worthy swim and comes out of the closet (quite literally, her colorful, vintage wardrobe is to die for). POPDOSE: So, that was Gilligan’s Island right? I recently heard rumors the lagoon was man-made on the CBS parking lot, but somehow you found it! ANGELA PERLEY: Well, yes but we have to keep it a secret. We found a wormhole and took it straight back to Columbus, Ohio.  Truthfully, all the inside and outside quarry shots were filmed where I …



Virginia-born singer/songwriter Nicole Wray has everything you’d want in a singer: an infectious Memphis-style soul, a range like Aretha Franklin’s, and a church upbringing that’s brought a pure, healing texture to her voice. The struggles she’s been through has made her more than a singer. Nicole Wray is an artist.  And an incredible one, at that. The track “Do It Again” has a cool vibe and an infectious groove, yet isn’t candy/fluff; she’s singing with a lot of firepower behind a classic arrangement with pianos, background vocals and horns (think Willie Mitchell’s Hi Records-style); “In Love” (Don’t Mess Things Up)” has a sweetness that shows Ms. Wray’s range, recalling the early ’70’s Stax style (I know, I can’t help myself) and “Make Me Over” is slow, jazzy and her voice has a not overt sexiness that makes you hear her message clearly.  “Underneath My Feet” is a sly swamp rocker that shuffles along and rocks (it sounds like it just walked out of 1968); “Bad Girl” is easily a single – catchy, infectious – and …

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ALBUM REVIEW: EDISON, “Familiar Spirit”

For a band that’s only been together since 2014 and an acoustic-based trio, Denver’s Edison has a big, full, lush – near orchestral – sound.  One listen to their debut album, Familiar Spirit, and you can hear layered harmonies and diverse instrumentation. The band is fronted by singer Sarah Slaton, along with multi-instrumentalist Dustin Morris and Grammy-nominated guitarist Maxwell Hughes (formerly of The Lumineers). In the short time of their existence, they’ve toured with such known acts as Iron & Wine, Martin Sexton and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats, so you know they’re onto something. There are a lot of dramatic flourishes in the band’s sound, starting with the opening track, “The Good Fight”, which goes from ethereal vocals floating underneath harmonies, acoustic instruments, which then turns to a stripped down vocal interplay and explodes into a danceable track – three different movements that sway back and forth.  “San Jose” is, indeed, cinematic and powerful, with interesting punches of what sounds like muted trumpet and multi-tracked vocals and a boisterous chorus; “Civil War”, again, is another track filled with …



We premiered the track a few months ago – now Popdose is pleased to present the video for Eileen Carey’s single, “In The Air”.  Directed by Taner Tumyaka and filmed on the streets of Paris, the video for “In the Air” is a heartfelt tribute to the city Ms. Carey visited two weeks before terrorists killed 130 people in November, 2015. Featuring dancers Kristen Morris and Daniel Kermidas, the video is a reminder of the conquering nature of love in such troubled times. Ms. Carey’s thoughts are these:  “Paris is such a whirlwind of love, romance, and excitement. The city inspired me to write a love song for two people set in the gaiety that is still Paris. Simply put, it is about love over hate.” That’s a pretty good sentiment, indeed.  We hope you enjoy what you see and hear.



Around two years ago, Popdose introduced you to Arrica Rose, lead singer of Arrica Rose and The… their album Wave Function.  Now she’s back again with a new band, the predominantly country-oriented Dear County and their debut album, Low Country.  Co-led by Mark W. Lynn, this band mixes that country feel with a semi-heavy approach, tempered with Ms. Rose’s rich vocals.  Low Country is in essence, a fresh slant on retro styles, balancing the raw and more ethereal. From the moment you listen to all of the opening track, “On And On”, with Ms. Rose’s yearning vocals and the rich harmonies that prop up the strength of the singing, you know this band is definitely on to something good.  There’s something immediately embraceable about the melancholy feel of the music; “Oh My Darlin’” follows this spirit in a classic, almost late ’50’s-type of arrangement (listen to it and you’ll know exactly what I mean) and “Losing Leaves” is slow, sad and atmospheric, with its delicate guitar figures and mournful guitar strums.  Interestingly, the band’s version …


10 Sexy Songs To Wash That Trump Right Out Of Your Ears

I was working on this post, a celebration of the best new songs in the Fall of 2016, long before the latest Trump tape surfaced; but I’ll tell you, playing these tracks loud and proud is the perfect way to cleanse your ear holes from all the filth his rhetoric has brought into the world. Let’s just say, when you want to smash shit the fuck up after watching The Day in Trump on TV, this is the playlist to do it. For less violent people, it’s the best workout mix ever. For this roundup, I’ve looked beyond the boundaries of Beyonce and Bieber, the one-percenters of pop radio, to find fresh new talent and HUGE new pop songs that are original, sexy and a little bit dangerous — the way pop music was when Prince, Madonna and George Michael last shook things up in the Reagan Era. This is one of the best playlists I have ever created. If I had to do that desert island thing and trade all but one playlist on my iPod for …


BOOK REVIEW: JON SAVAGE, “1966: The Year The Decade Exploded”

I’ve often thought Jon Savage is one of the finest journalists/writers to come out of England.  His depth and knowledge and lyrical flow is second to none.  Never mind the music he’s covered over the years (as far as I’m concerned, no one comes close to writing about the punk era with the seriousness, analytical approach and comprehension that Mr. Savage does) – once he delivered England’s Dreaming, I saw it as a book that should be used a text in academic courses concerning popular culture.  And he’s done it again on an even broader and deeper level. 1966:  The Year The Decade Exploded is an in-depth, month-by-month assessment of (what I agree to be) the most important year in the most turbulent decade of the last century.  I’ve often said about 1966 (when I was a year old) is that it was the year that the picture went from black and white to technicolor; when “rock & roll” became “rock”.  Where life seemed to explode in colors and sounds that no one had previously …



In the early 2000’s, the way of the new century in music was a charge towards electronic music – great D.J. mix compilations were released; “bands” like Zero 7 and Massive Attack made names for themselves – but it was very short-lived.  While I embraced it all just as much as the next person, it really didn’t have a lengthy shelf life – except in summer, for me.  Good commuting music. But now this pretty terrific duo from, of all places, Nashville, Awas have dropped their debut album that has all the best elements from that electronic wave with some deep soul feel, groove and a lot of warmth.  Singer Ariel Hill has a fluid, melodic voice that gives the songs life and emotion; composer Aaron Howard sculpts it all together and gives the sound a wide space and makes this the best album in the electronic style that I’ve heard in well over a decade. From the opening beats of “Gotta Let It Go”, the groove is solid; funky without trying too hard – …



By now, you should be pretty familiar with The Cynz, the New Jersey-based band that we’ve showcased on occasion.  And to get right to the point, the reason we’re premiering this new track from the band on Popdose is simple:  this is an absolutely terrific, immediately classic song that needs to be heard.  “Devil In The Details” is, first and foremost, is a major leap forward for The Cynz – slower, much more finessed than their 100-m.p.h. style – this has all the markings of a natural radio hit, with the use of 12-string Ric, a strong melody, harmonies galore and a wonderful double-tracked vocal from Cyndi Dawson, the lead singer, who reaches a new height of emotion in her delivery.  I thought the last two new releases were groundbreakers for The Cynz, but this takes them to a new stratosphere.  The melody and FEEL of the performance is perfectly intertwined with the lyrics and the vocals. It’s an instantly classic piece; it is simply the best thing they’ve done. Listen to it and let …


ALBUM REVIEW: RICHARD BARONE, “Sorrows & Promises: Greenwich Village In The 1960’s”

This new album by Bongos frontman and New York City mainstay Richard Barone is both a labor of true love and an incredibly detailed and painstakingly researched history lesson.  Sorrows & Promises:  Greenwich Village In The 1960’s is Mr. Barone’s take on songs that were conceived, written and first performed during that golden age of folk music in New York’s Greenwich Village starting in the late 1950’s.  Some of these songs you may know (certainly The Lovin’ Spoonful’s classic “Did You Have To Make Up Your Mind?” is one); most you will not.  The idea was to create a musical map of the Village during this time through these songs and Mr. Barone has stunningly hit an absolute home run with the design and execution of how this album would flow. I’ve listened to Mr. Barone’s work since his first recordings with The Bongos, beginning around 1981 and he has his own style.  Thus, with this album, he’s taken these (some lost) classics and put his own stamp on them, breathing new life into these …


Where to See Travis Rice’s The Fourth Phase For Free This Sunday

This Sunday, the most anticipated snowboarding film of all time, The Fourth Phase starring Travis Rice, will be screened for free, for one night only. Think of it as the cinematic equivalent of an aerial trick as the feature-length film jumps from the festival circuit to the land of paid VOD and downloads. No matter where you are in the world, it will air this Sunday, October 2, at 9:00 PM (21:00) in every time zone on Red Bull TV. What is Red Bull TV? Well, it works like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, but unlike those platforms (of which I subscribe to all three), you can download the Red Bull TV app for free on your Smart TV or mobile device. If sports isn’t your jam, you can also see live festival coverage of Austin City Limits (live streaming this weekend and next), Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Primavera — it’s a goldmine for music nerds like me, especially those averse to traveling, crowds and long lines at the Porta Potties. The Strumbellas are playing live from ACL as …

Loveland Duren 2016 1


Popdose is both pleased and proud to bring to you the new video from Loveland Duren, from their very recently released album Next, “Not Allowed In The House Anymore”.  A song, unquestionably for the here and now, this extremely powerful track says what a lot of people are finally saying – certainly, if not thinking.  The images are jarring and will, indeed, cause a reaction and rightly so.  Lyricism this passionate, direct and meaningful should not be casually gleaned or heard in the background – it should be absorbed and at times, taken as either a warning or a clarion call. As timely and salient as you can possibly get, here now is the dynamic “Not Allowed In The House Anymore” from Vicki Loveland and Van Duren. Next is available now


ALBUM REVIEW: JOSH FARROW, “Trouble Walks With Me”

This fine debut album from East Nashville singer/songwriter Josh Farrow mixes Southern soul, shades of The Band and Leon Russell and is one of the most wonderfully fluid things I’ve listened to as of late.  The playing is tight; the arrangements are stellar and the production suits the album in the right fashion. From the opening notes of “I’ll Be Your Fool” with its Hammond B3 punches and the instant groove, you know your in for some meaty sounds; “Wash Me In The Well” goes for a deeper blues vibe; his vocals punctuate the melody in an on-the-one manner naturally – he’s one singer who doesn’t over-reach his range and it works on this syrupy grind.  “Before You Leave” is slow, sweet, stark and sad – the use of echo on the vocals works to great effect (and there are some chill-inducing harmonies which makes it even better); “Time (Ain’t No Friend Of Mine)” is another soul-groover with a hypnotic riff and a bass line that carries it all together like a river and “Who’s …



After last night’s presidential debate, I think all of our collective brains could use a cleansing. This morning, Simone, a rising talent on the Los Angeles pop scene, dropped her second single, ‘Daydreams’. It’s exactly that, a wistful song of the summer, better late than never as the trees start to turn red, gold and brown — well, everywhere except LA. Deep in the mix, co-produced with Troy Tyrer, you can hear a babbling EDM undercurrent, but Simone’s dreamy, multi-tracked vox are front and center (imagine Enya with Gaga ambitions). The song came about after Simone moved to the City of Angels and was soaking up the indescribable energy around her; she felt both inspired and scared at the same time and wanted to capture that feeling in sound. For lovers of bright and shimmery pop, the track will take the edge off until Lady Gaga and Little Mix set off the big pop music fireworks later this fall. With more music on the way, be sure to connect with Simone via her official website or facebook. Download ‘Daydreams’ on Amazon MP3 or …



As quickly as we had the review up for Allyson Seconds’ new album, the splendid Little World, we now have the 1st video, the album’s title track.  Catchy, bouncy, joyful, it captures the spirit of this album beautifully.  With instruments by producer and co-songwriter Anton Barbeau and guest bass by XTC legend, Colin Moulding, this is one song that will stick in your head for a long while after listening. Check out the glorious “Little World” from Allyson Seconds.  And then check out the album of the same name. Little World will be available on Friday, October 21st, 2016


ALBUM REVIEW: LISA SAID, “No Turn Left Behind”

No Turn Left Behind is the debut album from singer/songwriter Lisa Said.  This singer/songwriter/guitarist was born in Cairo (!) and was transplanted first to Memphis (Tennessee, not Egypt!) and then to Chattanooga.  Moving to New York to finish her studies and then to Asheville, North Carolina, her travels took her to D.C. to record the album at the legendary Inner Ear Studios and to have the album co-produced by equally-legendary Inner Ear owner Don Zientara.  This maiden collection of eleven tracks are a wonderful mix of roots-rock, pop and some off-kilter time; her voice is soothing and warm and it’s a perfect balance. Starting with the almost-Zydeco gallup of “Hard To Brake” (nice play on words), this album is off and running, filled with instant likeability; a very capable team of musicians backing her, you get a feeling from Ms. Said that she doesn’t lack confidence in her songs even though this is her first release.  “In Retrospect” has an airiness that has flavors of country/honky tonk and pure pop that works and is a …



Jamie Seerman is the mind and voice of Jaymay; she’s a visual artist and singer/songwriter/performer.  And now, this New York native has just unleashed her 12th overall release (and only 2nd full length album), To Tell The Truth.  A tuneful baker’s dozen of songs that fit the warmth of summer; a quiet evening with your partner – numerous scenarios can be painted as these songs are simply sweet and well-constructed.  Certainly, the playing on this record is full and rich and Ms. Seerman clearly has the goods as a singer and songwriter. “Baby Maybe One Day” is as sweet and embracing as one could ask for in a three minute song; upbeat and charming, it sets the table quickly for the hopeful “I Was Only Lovin’ You”; “I Just Got Over You” is soft, acoustic and shows the skill of the musicians behind this track as they play in a restrained manner, letting the double-tracked vocals be the center of the song and “I Stand Up For Me” is something that harkens back to the …


Hailey Knox It Outta The Park With New EP, Homage to a Legend

When she was 17, it was a very good year. That is, if you’re Hailey Knox in 2016. The singer/songwriter from Carmel, NY has already been featured in the New York Times, appeared on the Today Show and is setting out on a national tour opening for Charlie Puth. All this to promote A Little Awkward, her enchanting new EP on S-Curve Records. While rage against the parental machine might seem like a dark and odd choice for a debut pop single to anyone over 21, the lyrics certainly stir memories of meddling parents that were intrusive enough when I was trying to hide Prince albums in my bedroom, long before there was social media to be spied upon. Awkward will surely appeal to a generation raised on Disney Channel fare where all parents are bumbling idiots and all kids are wise, sassy, rebellious and usually spies or pop stars. Don’t even get me started on that dog with the freaking blog. Back to Ms. Knox, as stunning as she is, beautiful girls with guitars are a dime a million in …



Popdose is very pleased to present this new single and video from Dears guitarist/singer/songwriter, Patrick Krief.  With this new track,  “All Is Lost,” it’s apparent that recent death and heartache have left an indelible mark on the mindset and music of Mr. Krief. However, with lyrics such as “When all is lost, all is found,” it is also clear that the resilient Mr. Krief is intent on moving forward in life and in love. Following a devastating string of deaths in his life and the end of a romance, Krief poured all the heartbreak, grief, and despair into the twenty songs that make up Automanic Red and Automanic Blue, his unconventional and heart-wrenching diary of a double album, which will be released on September 30th. According to Krief, the lyrics to “All Is Lost” discuss “being held back by the past and the struggle and importance of moving forward.” Poetic and universal lyrics like those in “All Is Lost” blend with dreamy soundscapes and carefully crafted balladry to give Krief his distinct sound. We hope …