CD Review: Macabra, “Blood-Nurtured Nature”

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Check out the dark death metal stylings of Macabra.

Album: Macabra, Blood-Nurtured Nature
Release: February 14, 2012

1. Life is the Symptom
2. Fragments of Torpor
3. Hominal Peel Diggers
4. Blood-Nurtured Nature
5. Consuming the Fleshly Wax
6. Thick Slabs of Moribund Fat
7. Contribution to your Dis-Elaboration
8. Exile of Sanity

Maybe I’m starving for good music right now or my evil soul has turned blacker recently. If its not either of those things then it’s totally shocked that I’m so into the debut album from Macabra.

Blood-Nurtured Nature is a darkened death metal album led by the US based Mark Riddick playing all the instruments and Belgian vocalist Adrien “Liquifier” Weber (yeah, how cool is the name “Liquifier?) It’s kind of got a lo-fi almost demo feel to it and harkens back more to ’90s death than anything current, something like Italy’s mysterious Mortuary Drape.

Recorded in a funerarium in Belgium in 2011, the overall sound is very raw and while Riddick has been around the block with other projects, musically the album is relatively basic death metal. The inclusion of synths on “Thick Slabs of Moribund Fat” make that tune stand out among the eight as it definitely has a somewhat funeral parlor creepy vibe to it. “Contribution To Your Dis-Elaboration” also employs those synths, slows the tempo down and adds some groove into the mix. Liqifier’s growls are spot on throughout the disc which completely make this listenable.

Overall the album really isn’t anything special but for some reason the rawness of it and great vocals are what’s making me listen to this over and over again. Check out the track “Hominal Peel Diggers” if you dare. (download)