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Since their 2006 reformation, Ft. Worth’s Toadies have released 3 albums (one a live document) and this new album takes the band in a slightly different direction.  Heretics features several acoustic re-workings of older/well-known Toadies tracks, some new material and a cover of Blondie’s classic, “Heart Of Glass”.

Opening with a low-voltage new track, “In The Belly Of A Whale”, it’s a good, strong, melodically-haunting start.  “Tyler” and “Beside You” work together perfectly – “Tyler”‘s gentle acoustic guitar, mandolin, tambourine and subtle bass builds the drama of the track along with the very warm harmonies at the end and “Beside You” has a taut feel built around minor chords and well-arranged vocals.  “Heart Of Glass” is a very interesting re-shaping; droning acoustic guitars with passionate vocals and soulful organ undertones; “Possum Kingdom” (possibly their best known track) is stripped down and has a groove to it that the original lacks and “Jigsaw Girl” has a fullness with rich piano and vocal arrangements.

A very good gathering of songs; it’s nice to see The Toadies showing their range by balancing both the new tracks and the stripped-down remakes.  If you’re looking to get to to know The  Toadies, begin here.


Heretics will be released Friday, September 18th, 2015