CD REVIEW: Yael Meyer, “Warrior Heart”

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This is an interesting CD to have graced my desk and reached my ears.  A lot going on in this album – busy but never cluttered.  A good production (how can you not like an album recorded at “Death Star Studios”!); very melodic and incredibly warm and embracing vocals.  Yael Meyer’s third album, Warrior Heart, is a rather sunny piece of delight.

Starting with the title track, a bubbly electronic rhythm pattern carries the piano-laden tune; her breathy and soft vocals are layered – a perfect opening; “When  The Road Ends” has an acoustic guitar-based body and a sing-song feel with its handclap and shaker-based “percussion” – the horn break is a nice touch.  “Endless Kind Love” is gentle, dreamy and the vocals reach an angelic height; “Human Divine” is a syrupy-electronic track with a very early ’80’s feel (shades of Berlin?) but never becomes cold or mechanical.  “Good Things Are Coming My Way” is another acoustic track – upbeat and completely charming and “Rain Falling” is another slow, slightly darker track which is kept “light” by those wonderful vocals.

Warrior Heart is excellent, end to end.  Yael Meyer has crafted an exquisite piece of work that can be taken track by track or as a whole, which is never easy.  Enjoyable and filled with aural color.  Please do check this out.


Warrior Heart is available now.