(Comedy) Album Review: Matt McClowry, “Uncomfortable”

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This is good – this is VERY good.  Matt McClowry, a stand-up comic with a sharp wit, wry delivery and perfect sense of timing, unleashes Uncomfortable, an album of every day observations that don’t sound done to death – his views are dry; his voice deadpan and his interplay with the audience spot on.  The angle here, however – and it’s minute, until he brings it up in his bits – is that McClowry has Asperger’s Syndrome (look it up, if you don’t know – short version: a form of autism).  McClowry cracks wise about having the affliction (“…there’s a lack of empathy – which I don’t really give a shit about…”) but also takes brilliant swipes at Kmart, the deceptive nature of condoms, giving a child a last name for a first name and other subjects we all speak of amongst ourselves.

Listening to Uncomfortable made me laugh a great deal – which is the whole point, but it also makes me want to see him perform.  A bright comedic talent, for sure.  Check out Matt McClowry and do it with this album.


Uncomfortable is available now.