Comrades Podcast: Episode 3, “Cardinal”

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Dinner plans and busy work schedules. These are the reasons for the delay in the latest podcast! Welcome back to Comrades, a Celeb Playboy Coversweekly podcast devoted to the FX drama, The Americans. In this week’s edition, Jeff and Scott spend a late night discussing the many wonders of Bo Derek’s Playboy issue, look back on their hometown second-run movie theater, recall the highs and lows of working with model glue, and find time to talk about the most recent episode of The Americans, “Cardinal.” This episode was so tense with paranoia, Scott said that the only think missing was the era appropriate Kinks song, “Destroyer.” We included it here for your enjoyment.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”_WJ6FbcWYRU”]

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Comrades Episode 3, “Cardinal”

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