Dw Dunphy

Cover Your Ass: “Sundown” By Gordon Lightfoot

They say an artist is his own worst critic, but what happens when the artist is a critic too? Dw. Dunphy has thrown several characters under the bus as a regular panelist on the A.M. Gold column, so he often has to justify the pointed, sometimes unkind things he says about others, all the while recognizing his judgment would one day come and kick him square in the pooper.

That day draweth nigh.

When asked why he covered Gordon Lightfoot’s unforgettable classic, Dunphy said, “It was always one of those songs that has been with me. When I was a kid my Uncle Wayne enjoyed it a lot, so that must have left an impression on me.”

Dunphy’s process for reinterpreting Lightfoot’s track was described, in characteristically self-deprecating fashion, as: “A one-take, just me and the guitar, no messing around. You can definitely tell at points I was half-awake when I sang it. And then, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I went nuts overdubbing myself all over it.”

Now it is your turn to decide if Dunphy stands up well or crumples under the weight of seventeen vocal overdubs.

Dw Dunphy – Sundown

  • ozarkmatt

    Hey, I freakin’ loved that. The vocal harmonies were great. But since there is no way I can let you slide ;-) i have two things that struck me as ‘wrong’. The strumming acoustic guitar that anchors the whole thing is too high in the mix. (I can allow that it might be my sound system screwing with it). Also, the lead vocal track doesn’t have that bad-ass timbre that is needed for the lyrics. I only have my perception of what the song means, but when you sing a line, “You better take care if I find you creeping around my back stair,” I wanna hear that in a voice where you KNOW the singer is sitting there with a loaded shotgun. That being said, the electric guitars, especially in the background during the chorus and in the solo, kicked ass. I love an atmospheric guitar sound.

    It’s gotta good beat and you can dance to it.
    Two thumbs up.
    Uh, let’s be modern, I mean I’m putting it on my I-Pod.

  • http://twitter.com/mordalo Mordalo

    I do wonder what it’d sound like without the overdubs. Simple, acoustic, pure…I’m sure it’d be very good. As it stands, this version isn’t too bad, but I’d love to just hear one voice and the guitar…

  • http://www.popdose.com jefito