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Desert Island Discs With Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire’s debut album, Scripted, debuted on the Billboard 200 Album chart, peaked at # 4 on the iTunes Rock chart, and charted at # 19 overall. Their videos for “Make A Move and “Get Well” have received over 6 million views on YouTube. Their self-titled sophomore album was recently released and promises to push the charismatic trio to the next level.

From a stop on their “An Evening With Icon For Hire” tour, the trio (featuring fiery frontwoman Ariel, who started her own fashion brand, Custom Catastrophes, and even has her own sewing show on DIYnetwork.com) dropped this list of their Desert Island Discs.

Linkin Park A Thousand Suns:

“We were listening to this on repeat while recording our first album.  They could have made another Hybrid Theory and probably would have sold 20 billion units but they didn’t.  They decided to do something different and that’s a risk most artists wouldn’t dare take.”

Dessa  A Badly Broken Code
“This album was one of the first times we heard a white female hip hop artist make rap sound authentic. Ariel drew a lot of inspiration and bravery from this record, and it pushed her to keep challenging herself lyrically.”

Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine
“We would think it almost impossible for any musician to hear this and not be changed in some way.  Their sound was as unique as it was raw and honest.  In a musical world over-saturated with gimmicks and dishonesty, there is still something very refreshing about this band and their debut album.”

Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal
“The push and pull on this record is amazing.  The more aggressive elements on this album helped inspire some of the heavier moments on our newest record.”

Any record produced by Max Martin or Dr. Luke
“We are a band of diverse musical tastes and nowhere is this reflected more than our respect for these two producers.  Both are always pushing the boundaries of production while sticking to the most basic and customary form of song writing.  Regardless of the artist, they are constantly challenging the way top 40 is being done.”

  • Sick of Fakes

    Could this band look any more like a group of Hot Topic rejects? 2002 called and would like their fem guys and lame female front women back. Come on people. Can’t we get something actually tasteful these days in rock???

  • Richie

    You want something tasteful…why don’t you try LISTENING to the Icon for Hire records before you bash them moron! There is NOTHING lame about Ariel or any of them! Listen to the lyrics, nothing lame there!

  • madison

    how lucky we are to actually have Ariel talk about their band appearance :)
    you’ll find much about presenting themselves to others and the first impressions that people, such as you, might have of them.

    good day :)

  • Craig Adams

    I definitely hear the Linkin Park in your albums, that was the band I thought of a couple days ago when wondering who your inspiration came from. If I were on a desert island I’d take both of your albums! But also, Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway or Stronger, Paramore’s Riot! or Brand New Eyes, Audioslave’s self-titled, LP’s Hybrid Theory or Meteora, Seether’s Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces, Shinedown’s The Sound of Madness, and anything from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

  • Tyler

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought rock was about the music. That’s how it was different from all the other pop culture garbage. While every one else was worrying about what they’re favorite artists were wearing and who they were with, rock was about the music. Since when does it matter how a rock band looks? It’s about the music.

  • Alice Greene

    Try LISTENING to them first. Apparently this generation is full of idiots who judge solely on appearance. So when have any rock bands look like they belong in society. Every major rock band in history has always stood out in some way or another.