Dizzy Heights #2: A Very Special Day

Written by Dizzy Heights, Music

Dizzy Heights celebrates a very big day for a very important person. We’d say more, but…spoilers.

I want to tell you all about this show, I really do. But that’s kind of like telling someone that you’re throwing a surprise party for them before it happens, you know?

And just like that, I’ve already said too much.

Let me just say this: if you were born on January 12, 1967, and were related to me by law for a decade or so, but in my heart will be my stepbrother for life, then this mix is literally just for you. As for everyone else, well, I hope you like Steve Lillywhite’s production, because you’re gonna hear a lot of it.

We’re going to do things a little differently going forward. I’m going to post my shows to Mixcloud first (starting with this one), then include an embed link here, so if you want to get a jump on everyone else, follow me on Mixcloud (and know that I feel like a dirty, dirty whore just asking that of you), and in return you will get a Fast Pass to every Dizzy Heights show going forward. Have a request or opinion about what I played? Leave your comment here, if you please. Just know that, at present, I’ve put several shows in the can before I’ve written the words you’re reading now, and that I appreciate your patience.

Thanks for listening!

Note: I said that a certain album came out in 1983. It actually came out in 1984. I regret the error, but not enough to re-record the between-song banter. Come on, I have a job and a wife and kids and stuff.