Dizzy Heights #25: Get Blood on Your Hands, Have an Alibi

Written by Dizzy Heights, Music

*Enters ‘Holiday’ into iTunes search bar* Hey, I think I can make this work!

With the long weekend coming up, I took the lazy bastard route and picked some songs that mention holidays, long weekends, and the end of summer. And I throw in a mini-set in honor of my EDM-loving son, who’s going to his first festival show this weekend. That should be interesting.

Bands making their Dizzy Heights debut: Nazareth (you know which song), School of Fish (see Nazareth), Roman Holliday (God, I’m awful), The Rave-Ups, Love and Money, and Firefall. I’ve also added a Sifl & Olly track that will now appear in every show going forward. This will make sense later.

Thank you, as always, for listening.