Dizzy Heights #33: Give Her a Wedding Dress

Written by Dizzy Heights, Music

This is literally The Deb Medsker Show. It’s all about my honey.

When this show goes live, it will be my lovely wife’s birthday. I am a lucky guy, because my wife is awesome. This show is dedicated entirely to her. Yes, I did one of these last year, too, but this is all-new material. Plus, I debut my new Dizzy Heights bumper, courtesy of Simple Minds’ Jim Kerr. Yay!

LOTS of bands making their Dizzy Heights debut this week, including a couple of long-overdue bands: Morrissey (solo), Possum Dixon, Dead Milkmen, Felony, Q-Feel, Erasure (!), White Town, Blancmange, Makana, Alphaville and, somehow, Oingo Boingo. I just assumed that I played them months ago.

Thank you, as always, for listening. And happy birthday, sweetie. :)