Dizzy Heights #4: Marbles in the Sun

Written by Dizzy Heights, Music

Join us for this week’s show, in which The 1975 travel back to 1989.

Hello, kiddies! In this week’s show, The 1975 travel back to 1989, as in the year, not the Taylor Swift album.

Other bands on deck include The Feeling, Hard-Fi, and a song from 1989 that sounds an awful lot like that 1975 song.

The rest of the show is another birthday dedication, though this time the time period is rooted in the ’90s. It is just me, or do a lot of the alt-rock and acoustic guitar-based albums from the ’90s sound adorably naive today? So earnest, so hopeful.

This week’s lyrical reference is to a song from an album that for all intents and purposes saved my life. And if you search the Popdose archives, you will find the answer. *In Homer Simpson whisper* YOU SHOULD SEARCH THE ARCHIVES.

Thank you for listening, everyone!