Dizzy Heights #6: Look So Gloomy

Written by Dizzy Heights, Music

Dizzy Heights is proud to present its first world premiere of a band. But you have to listen to the very end to hear it, because I am a cruel and terrible person.

Greetings and welcome to today’s show, where I will make a certain King of Grief weep tears of joy. No, really, it’s going to happen.

ACK! I just discovered – after posting the show to MixCloud – that I called one of the songs “So Real.” It’s actually called “Be There.” I regret the error.

Today’s show also features a song by the Delays, whose singer Greg Gilbert could use some help. Please consider donating whatever you can. The link to his donation page is here.


Also, I reference this video. Check this out, but after listening to the show, if you please.

This is the clean version of the video. There is a NSFW version out there as well, in case this clip doesn’t fulfill your innermost puppet sex desires.

Next week: I made a show for my lovely wife. It just seemed like the Valentine’s Day thing to do. Also, her birthday was last week.

Thank you for listening!