Download Now: Arrica Rose “Without My Love” Free MP3 (Folk • Dream Pop)

Arrica Rose 600

As we speak, singer/songwriter Arrica Rose, producer Dan Garcia, and a rotating musician collective known as the “…’s” (not to be confused with !!!) are burrowed away in Los Angeles putting the finishing touches on a new EP (set for a February release on her own pOprOck records). Here is your first taste: “Without My Love” is a beautiful cocktail of sweet multi-tracked harmonies and upbeat Americana.

Nestle this one into a playlist with Neko Case, The Pierces, The Chapin Sisters, Eleni Mandell and Tanita Tikiram and you will be in dark folk dream pop heaven.

Arrica Rose – Without My Love

To download: PC right click/save as • MAC option/click

As an added bonus, here is Arrica’s stunning cover of “Tragedy” by the Bee Gees.

For more free music, connect with Arrica Rose online and on facebook. Photo by Piper Ferguson.


Keith Creighton
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