Download Now: J.P. Rose “What If I Were You?”

JP Rose Water

J.P. Rose gave up the blustery winds of San Francisco, where he fronted electro/pop outfit Hot Challenge, for the sunny shores of Los Angeles. The easy, breezy, beautiful LA weather informs the instantly addictive tracks on his new EP, Seascape.

For older folk like me, Rose’s brand of electro/pop immediately recalls OMD and the Lightning Seeds. The younger kids can easily slip Rose’s tracks into mixes packed with Owl City, Justice and the Postal Service.

JP Rose – What If I Were You is particularly epic with cascading waves of synth and a yearning chorus. This one is a major hit just waiting to happen.

JP Rose – Back To Me is the first single and it’s video (directed by J.P.’s brother David) is no walk in the park. No wait, that’s exactly what it is. And what better way to while away the day than by strolling with lovely blonde supermodel Lina O’Connor?

Listen to J.P. Rose on soundcloud and connect with him on facebook.


Keith Creighton
After he asked for Kiss "Destroyer" and received "Radio Shack Presents: All Ears - CB Radio Novelty Hits" for Christmas, Keith Creighton went on to amass a girlfriend repelling record collection. He passionately kept record stores in Cleveland, Tampa, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle in business over the years. A marketing writer by day for Sudden Monkey, also writes music reviews on Amazon under the name Falsetto Prophet. He is happily married because his CDs and crates of 80's nostalgia live at an undisclosed location.