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Just about every make and model of record comes across the POPDOSE desk on any given day. Indie rock, ironic pop, singer/songwriter/barista, dubstep, emo, screamo, steampunk, aggro folk, R&B, EDM, BNL, faux gangsta, lite reggae, Bieberish — you name it, we get it. So when Lauren Anatolia sent in her debut track, “Four Words,” it was a bit of a first. DIY Disco. A full on, diva dancefloor filler complete with all the butt shimmying audio pyrotechnics one would expect at Studio 54 in NYC or The Abbey in WeHo.

Lauren Anatolia 1Anatolia turned not to Stock, Aitken and Waterman or Xenomania, but instead her roommate, Chilean-born UCLA student Rudi Meibergen. Thomas Glyn-Cothi mastered the track adding a Cinnabon’s worth of audio sweetness to the mix.

Anatolia isn’t ready to be handed the keys to MacArthur Park just yet, but this song is a solid start and POPDOSE loves to toast such fearless ambition. Check out the track here in all of its glittery glory:

Lauren Anatolia – Four Words

Anatolia’s Shakira-esque voice and musical craft were honed on the streets of Berlin where she was a busker, jazz bars in Paris, National Anthems at suburban Chicago sporting events; even Michelle Obama sat in on one of her rehearsals during one of the Big O’s 2004 Senate campaign stops. Lauren recently performed sets at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in Illinois and at the Congress Center of the European Forum in Alpbach, Austria.

Connect with Lauren Anatolia online, bandcamp and see her video on YouTube.

Lauren’s latest song, Grow, was also just released on Bandcamp.

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