Download Now: Slim Wray, “I Gotta Girl (With A List of Needs)”

Written by Download Now, Music

Grab a free track from the Brooklyn duo’s new LP, “Sack Lunch.”

You’ve been here before, rock fans, and you know the drill: A two-piece band, guitar and drums, with plenty of volume and just as much fuzz. But even if lazy RIYLers can get away with mentioning Slim Wray in the same breath as the Black Keys and/or White Stripes, they’ve got their own thing going on — and enough solid songwriting chops to rise above the liquored-up racket that makes their new record, Sack Lunch, such an ass-shaking extravaganza.

But don’t take our word for it: Here’s the Sack Lunch cut “I Gotta Girl (With a List of Needs)” for your downloading pleasure. Load it up, play it loud, and thank us later.