DVD Review: “Suzanne Vega Live: Solitude Standing”

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Suzanne Vega has always been a delight in my musical life; I can’t pretend that I haven’t loved her from the moment I heard “Marlena On The Wall”.  She is a gifted writer, singer, musician, artist.  Her 1987 album Solitude Standing put her center stage with the monster hit, “Luka” and since then, her career has spanned different musical explorations – always interesting, albeit not always a commercial success.

This DVD, shot in 2003, has Ms. Vega performing some of her best known songs in a dramatic setting – namely Rome.  Even more interesting, she has an array of her poems (if you don’t know, Ms. Vega’s always written poetry) being read and translated into Italian on stage by fellow musician Valerio Piccolo.  It should be noted that there is a conversation between the two musicians in one of the extras.

Nonetheless, the performance starts in splendid fashion with the aforementioned “Marlena On The Wall”; early highlights are “Small Blue Thing”, “When Heroes Go Down” and “Left Of Center” – possibly my favorite of this live show.  It would be foolish of me to list all the songs done during this show as it would negate the reason for you to go out and seek this concert DVD.

If you enjoy the music of Suzanne Vega as much as I do, you’ll want to get this DVD – and fast.