This duo, who hail from Brooklyn, New York, Pueblo are a new act; a duo driven by Jonah P. Smith and Julian P. Smith, although I don’t believe they’re related.  Although they originally hail from Dallas, they’ve been friends since grade school and recamped to New York to begin their musical quest together, having already served in other bands.  This six-track mini-album, Boring The Camera, is the first fruits of their new undertaking.

The opening track, “Drive Safe” immediately recalls the style and delivery of John Lennon; it’s impossible to not make that connection in the phrasing and structure of the piano melody and the tempo; it wouldn’t be out of place on an album like Mind Games.  “Nausea” with its nifty rhythm and jazzy acoustic guitar has a enjoyable feel but really takes off on the second verse with its chord shifts and guitar interjections; the lyrics are also fairly tongue-in-cheek and fit the reason for calling the track “Nausea”.  “Dictating Directions” has a perfect light country texture; the guitar playing in the opening is spot-on and is easily the best track on this E.P.; certainly my favorite – subtle harmonies add to the nuances and “Cry Etc.” has a dream-like quality about it; fading in and reminds me of an early ’70’s country-rock radio staple; certainly these young musicians have studied the early ’70’s manner of songwriting and arranging.

A very nice debut offering and I would hope they could continue in the vein I think that suits them strongest – a focus on the country-rock flavored pop.  Well done by Pueblo.


Boring The Camera is currently available