Warm and languid, Zeke Duhon’s sound is the perfect complement to the encroaching cold.  And the six songs that make up this debut E.P. fit the mood.  Layered and textured, the quality of the production brings this collection to a higher level from where it is from being just a gathering of well-written/constructed songs.

The standout “Gravity (Time To Run)” has a slow, embracing feel, mixing space and lushness; “Best Mistake” starts quietly and shifts to an upbeat chorus (trading on the “loud/quiet/loud” device) and “Everything” builds from the first, restrained guitar “clips”, expanding into a grand but melodic modern pop tour-de-force.

The single “Faith And Hope” is an acoustic, singalong style track, more on the singer-songwriter style with subdued guitar runs and piano body; “Gravity (Time To Run)” is a wash of atmospherics and some very deft accompaniment and “Hold Fast” is another pop run, albeit subdued, which makes the song work with great effect.

This Tulsa, Oklahoma native (now Nashville-based) gives six stellar performances that shouldn’t be overlooked – this kind of late-year release is just about the right type of elixir.  A very fine and impressive start.


Zeke Duhon is available now