EP Review: Brett Newski, “Hi-Fi D.I.Y.”

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From the opening of “Black Taxi Car”, there is a fair amount of “real American” inflections of Brett Newski’s music – a little Springsteen, a little Mellencamp, a little Fogerty.  Cleanly strummed guitars, neat twanging riffs underlying on the verses and harmonica make this first entry on Newski’s newest E.P., Hi-Fi D.I.Y. a very worthwhile and impressive listen.  With its harmonies, crisp drums and overall feel, this is a fully realized track that makes it very easy to want to listen all the way through.

So with the brushed percussion, the low-key opening verse and then the kick-it-into-high-gear chorus, “Move To Berlin” has an equally great punch; “Cigaretiquette” has a lot of interesting nuances with its off-kilter guitar interplay and breakneck pace but then pulls back into a poppy “woo-hoo” refrain and “This Will Destroy Me” turns it all around with an deft acoustic piece where vocally, he veers into Dylanisms, but not in a bad way and the melody is enhanced with some very sweet slide figures.

All in all, a very satisfying and enjoyable listen.  And because I enjoyed it, I now want to hear more from this young talent.


Hi-Fi D.I.Y. is available now