EP Review: Luna Aura, “Super Nova”

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Five new songs from Luna Aura, an electro-dream-pop artist, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona.  Light and pleasant, her voice is soothing yet strong and has the right texture to fit these songs.

Immediately, with the opening track, “Like You”, there is a warmth that one doesn’t usually equate with the word “electronica” but the gentility necessary is there; “Gravity” is space-y, syrupy and out there and yet, it doesn’t irritate and “Dancing With Your Ghost”, which is the focus track, has a nice quality about it; reminiscent of early ’80’s synth pop – catchy and easily memorable.  The title track, “Super Nova” is far more contemporary with its rhythm and “Trigger” rounds out the collection with some nice atmospherics.

And that’s a key element to this E.P. – atmosphere.  The soundscapes are used as just that – soundscapes that don’t distract from the songs themselves.  A very nice piece of summer music.  I predict we will definitely hear more from Luna Aura in the not-too-distant future.


Super Nova will be released Friday, August 7th, 2015